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News from 20-08-2012
A survey of the new rack on the beam Yalta
Together with the members of the club "Black Sea Wreck Club" began testing a new rack on the beam of Yalta. Previously, the earliest it sank lumps and Eugene Eugene Shcherbakov in 2008.
Type of vessel - cargo ship "VolgoBalt." Lies on an even keel. Depth of 112 meters on the ground. Feed tightened trawl name hopefully read, clearing the network board. Destroyed and buried his nose in the ground. The bridge, cabins in the superstructure, wheelhouse deck please DF wheel, compass in binnacle, engine telegraph. On deck, artillery, anti-aircraft guns, trucks and other equipment.

Diving, consisting of:
Eugene lumps CCR
Alexander Spiridonov CCR
Alla Popova OC
Andrei Bykov CCR
Time on site - 15 minutes. Total time in the water about 110 minutes.
Red boat captain Sergey "Turtle" took us to the goal in less than two hours.
Congratulations Alla Popova, overcame a 100-meter mark in the Black Sea!


News from 22-12-2007
Universal education for INSPIRATION!
Eugene received the status of a lump rebreather instructor level Inspiration & Evolution CCR Air Dilluent Instructor. Certification was held in Lebanon. Examinations took champion Deep diving instructor - trainer Mark Elliatt ITDA.
Total to date in Ukraine only two Inspiration rebreather instructor and both - our members. That damn nice :))
On training for rebreather diving in Kiev and Sevastopol, at any time, please call the club +380674661213


News from 21-12-2007
Completed our technical diving expedition to Lebanon, on the only (known) in the world of vertical rack «VICTORIA». With the highest point on the 75m. (screws), rack pronikabelen down to the entrance of the bottom mud - 147m. Basic penetration occurs below 103m. and basically we commit on a 120-127m. Dive with world record holder Mark Elliattom, adopting a master many useful techniques.
To say that the rack is fine - nothing to say. Unthinkable placers of various artifacts in every corner wreck caused us to continuously monitor your breathing, and our "slightly rounded" with astonishment hard to fit the masks :)).
Left, as it is among the aristocrats get up from the table, "with a sense of light starvation."
Definitely plan to come back again in late spring.
As always - join us!


News from 14-05-2007
Rebreather service
All schsastlivyh owners Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers invite undergo annual maintenance of your favorite creations in our service center. In the presence of a full range of spare parts, o-rings, Fenech and gadgets. Also carry light and heavy tuning machines.
Call ..


News from 29-04-2007
Opening a new season
On May 1, we are opening a new season, and to invite all the technical nyryalku until October. This season, a large-scale search for new deep objects, as well as regular outputs on our "hit» - «Agnes Blaikie», «Lenin", "Ignatius Prokhorov," etc. (see Dive). Also with us at any time teaching rebreather diving on Inspiration and Evolution (own fleet of rolling rebreathers) and all possible technical courses from Nitrox, in PSA.
NEW!!! In June, our dayvtsentre planned training courses for diving rebreather OUROBOROS (proizv. Delta P Technologies) with concomitant selling rebreathers. Accept applications.
We are waiting for you!


News from 17-10-2006
Diver Training on rebrzerah Inspiration
Diver Training on rebrzerah Inspiration now in TekForce at any time!
In our club in a great and joyful event - Sergei Borisov became the first and to date only Ukrainian instructor level Inspiration & Evolution Air Dilluent Instructor Agency PSA. We congratulate Sergei obtaining their rightful deserved status!


News from 05-10-2006
Photo gallery added
In recent photo gallery added. Replenished sections "Ignatius Prokhorov," "Submarine" and "Sailing". Author - Alexander Spiridonov

News from 19-09-2006
Immersion up to the sailboat Agnes Blaikie
Today, 13:00 immersion up to the Balaclava sailboat Agnes Blaikie team TekForce were found nadpily based Rynda. Rynda definitely someone trying to take off, sawed off at the root. On the carrier end establishments feet from Rynda was discovered instrument of crime - a saw, hacksaw with traces of wood on the teeth. Was made photos and video of the vandalism. The information was immediately communicated to the Director of the Department of Underwater Heritage in Ukraine.
As of 19/09/06 14:30 UNTIL bell in place.
Therefore, in order not to compromise the good name of the club, diving to Agnes Blaikie temporarily ceased. Watch for announcements


News from 19-09-2006
Regular outputs AGNES BLAIKIE
In early September 2006, Balaklava sailing - two-masted brig, lying at a depth of 84m., A group of divers discovered duplicate the wheel, it later turned out the ship's bell. Later the bell was cleaned and installed rack name - «AGNES BLAIKIE». On the basis of these data was defined Year and place of building ship construction - 1841., Aberdeen, England.
Until the end of September our club holds regular outputs AGNES BLAIKIE offers dive to get acquainted with this beautiful artifact of history.


News from 20-08-2006
Cave diving training
In early November, the club trip to Cave diving training in NSS-CDS Florida. Courses will lead instructor Reggie Ross (see DayvTek № 4/2006) before the course sure to visit the world's largest diving exhibition DEMA Show, to be held in Orlando, close to the place of learning - the famous caves of Ginnie Springs.
Provide full visa support host side. While there is a place, but it is advisable to hurry to catch a visa.
Contacts - Eugene lumps 38 067 4661 213


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