TekForce technical diving club, Ukraine, Sevastopol
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"TekForce" Technical Diving Club
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About Diving Club in Sevastopol

Evgeny Komko

ITDA CCR Inspiration&Evolution Air Dilluent instructor
PSA Adv Nitrox& Deco Procedures instructor
Divemaster PADI
Divemaster TDI/SDI
TDI Adv. Wreck diver
TDI advanced trimix diver
TDI mixed gas inspiration rebreather diver
NSS-CDS Full Cave dive
IANTD Technical Cave diver
TDI advanced gas blender

Evgeny Komko
Sergey Borisov PSA CCR Inspiration & Evolution Air dilluent instructor #374
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor
TDI Advanced Wreck Instructor
TDI mixed gas inspiration rebreather diver
TDI advanced gas blender
Sergey Borisov
Alexander Spiridonov

TDI Adv.Trimix diver
TDI Inspiration mixed gas diver
TDI Adv. Wreck diver
IANTD CCR Wreck diver
IANTD Technical Wreck diver
NSS-CDS Full cave diver
IANTD Technical Cave diver
Alexander Spiridonov


From a history even before creation TEK FORCE. We by first on Ukraine, in Crimea have begun to practise immersings on тримиксе in 2001г.
We have put first on Ukraine and have adjusted the equipment for manufacture NITROX and TRIMIX and in perfection have mastered this process

Today at our дайв-centre the equipment and ON for manufacture NITROX, TRIMIX and HELIOX is established unique and best on Ukraine
We by first on Ukraine have begun to use electronic rebrizers of the closed cycle INSPIRATION and have organized their hire at our dayv-centre
All conceptually new equipment for diwing will at first be tested for today on Ukraine by us.


Дайвер всегда должен знать какая погода в его регионе. |


  Где купить подводное снаряжение и другая информация которая может пригодится дайверу:
Многие представительства СМИ часто обращаются к теме дайвинга и ребризеров, в свете, средств и систем для технического дайвинга.
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