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Многие представительства СМИ часто обращаются к теме дайвинга и ребризеров, в свете, средств и систем для технического дайвинга.

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Steamship "Lenin", was sunk in 1941 with about 4.000 peoples on board, depth 92m, captain`s bridge 80m, stay on "Lenin"level keel. The hold is open, almost all facilities have access to penetration. The left board has a hole. Though the hole may penetrate into machine room. By the way, we were pioneering of all people, who setting down on the legendary steamship. Every time at the time of immersion on steamship "Lenin", feeling devout trembling.

Russian steamship "Ludmila" was made in 1886y, in England. Tablet in machine room with date of output and name of dockyard was show that. In the captain`s bridge was found a ships journal and established name of steamship, which lie under the Sevastopol. It length is 70m, depth is 90m on bottom, 80m captain`s bridge staying on even keel, the holds and machine division opened. More of no-exploration placement.

German military water transport. It length is 90-100v, depth is 95m on bottom, 80m captain`s bridge staying on even keel, in the centre of the ship destruction from bomb hit. Name of ship is not indent. Object was found at 1 hour from Sevastopol.

Submarine post-warrior period. It length is 60-65v\m, depth is 100m, minimal silted allow to inspection of object. Hatch of conning tower is open. On top of the pilot house lie a boxes. Object was found at 1,5 hour from Sevastopol.

Submarine of first global war. Depth is 78m, on the head of the ship locate a tower. Though the hole may look inside of head part, which contains a torpedo device. Object was found at 1 hour from Sevastopol.

Sailing ship of the Crimea war times. It length is 84m, staying on even keel. Penetration into hold cabin of captain is possible. Outlet to the sea realize from 1 hour of Balaklava. Time to trip from our center to Balaklava is 30 min.

German hydroplane Dornier, times second global warrior. It length 65m. Through the open hatch, component and cabin of the hydroplane have good view. Hydroplane was found at Kamisheva bukhta area near Sevastopol.

Soviet submarine class "Malutka", second global warrior times. It depth is 40m, maximum silted. Nevertheless, the object is very interesting and perform ideal function. He lying under Kacha at 2 hours go from Sevastopol.

Technical diving in Crimea with Tek Force is SERIOUSLY!

Read more: The tragedy of "Lenin"

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