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The tragedy of "Lenin"

Terrible catastrophe ship "Lenin" is still shudder to remember the beginning of the war survived Odessa. The last steamer uvozyaschy evacuees from the besieged Odessa, the last hope of city residents. To get on board the ill-fated voyage in people gave last. The ship was crowded with people, they can not be calculated even approximately. How many people died on board that night, July 27, 1941, no one knows to this day. But one thing is certain - the number of victims of the "Lenin" many times surpassed the infamous "Titanic."

12.VII.1941 In connection with the outbreak of hostilities, "Lenin" fulfilled flight Odessa - Mariupol with evacuated people and cargo of sugar.

22. VII.1941g. captain of the ship "Lenin" Igor Borisenko (died 9/11/41) was ordered to guide the Black Sea Shipping Company for urgent transportation of cargo and passengers in Mariupol. According to the head of the loading, a representative of the naval commandant port st. Lieutenant Romanov, a pass to the ship was a boarding pass, which marks the 2-3 adults passenger. Nepolnoletnie not counted. Significant (unknown) number of passengers passed with a note from the city and regional party committee, the military commandant's office in Odessa.

Unauthorised registered crew members in their own cabins with friends and family (number unknown). According to unconfirmed reports (which are based on the interrogation investigation NKVD) on board were more than 4,000 people. Before entering on board arrived yet 1,200 recruits. According to the investigation: people were filled with all the shops, the galley, the corridors, the holds and decks. On board the transport evacuees were loaded assets Odessa State Bank (not confirmed), and 400 (450) tons of non-ferrous metal ingots. The flight took place in the special conditions of navigation in the area exposed defensive minefields. Provide for compulsory pilotage in connection with the transfer beacons keyed mode for atypical.

At 22.00, the 24.VII.1941 transport "Lenin", in convoy with the steamer "Voroshilov" ship "Berezina" and two barges, heading out of Mariupol. While driving due to the lack of fixed operational duty fleet. Due to the different capacities of ship power plants, to traverse the Cape Tarhankut convoy broke. To traverse the Cape Lucullus faulty engine "Voroshilov". In violation of the route "Lenin" performed towing "Voroshilov" in Cossack Bay Sevastopol port for repairs.

27.07.1941 at 19.00 transport "Lenin" in convoy (transport "Georgia" and "Voroshilov") in the protection of gunboat "SKA-026" ("MO-4") rate went from Sevastopol to Yalta (further Caucasus). The total number of passengers on the "Lenin" and "Voroshilov": nearly 10,000 people .. Pilotage for military pilot Lieutenant II Whistler (a graduate of the Leningrad Nautical School. Frunze in 1941, just a month to finish it.) According to SMERSH, the magnetic compass, and outboard lag elektrolag were reconciled, sonar absent. Sevastopol has not been given instruction officials convoy was appointed captain of the guards, not as refined navigation in the area and the issue of security. The ship was moving in the course can not clarify on bearing, drifting due to wind and currents for N Cape Fiolent. Individual life-saving (rescue zone) were collected and locked.

At 23.33 on the traverse Cape Sarich was an explosion in the holds number 1 and number 2 on the left side. The steamer began to settle in the nose arisen roll to starboard. Inclined at an angle of 15-20 with a regular place blew the pipe. For 7-10 min. Transport in the upright position (stern up with working with screws) sank. Due to the rapid flooding of most of the passengers did not have time to leave the ship. Rescue activities were transports "Georgia" (about 300 people). "Voroshilov" (200 pers.) And boats. The official death toll - up to 900 people. Rescued 600 people (only those who had saved him. Circles, belts or got into the boat.) According to the Yalta commandant 272 people were saved. The captain and three of his aides and the pilot left the ship last. From the team saved half (43 of 92). Rescue group in the torpedo boats Balaklava base arrived late.

Investigation into the loss of the vessel was carried out of the NKVD of the Crimean Black Sea Fleet and the Special Branch of the USSR. As a result, the investigation revealed that during the loading counting passengers arriving on board, were not kept.

Consequence served three hypotheses death transport "Lenin".

1. Navy submarine torpedo Romania "Delfinul" (book "German U-boat on nintendo sea." Gerd Enders). Version is not confirmed by archival sources Romania. Version confirmed the testimony of passengers "Voroshilov", which saw the track torpedoes, testimony shift radio operator I. Nazareth and operator 1st class Popova of a heavy blow to the right side before the explosion.

28. VII.1941 at 10.00 in the Sevastopol base SKA BSF Soviet submarine sank neidentifitsirovanuyu. According to unconfirmed reports in closed archives dwarves have the materials (paper) command of the Kriegsmarine submarine torpedo "Lenin." In 1941, in the Black Sea operated submarines and torpedo naval aviation Romania.

2. Calculation errors while operating the vessel, going beyond the boundaries of the fairway and a mine explosion on defensive minefield (testimony navigator Bender).

3. The probable cause of death is undermining transport on a floating mine.

11.VIII.1941, the closure of the meeting of the Military Tribunal of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR, based on the evidence of this release, in accordance with Article 193-17 "b", sentenced by a military pilot I.I Whistler to death.

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